Thursday, February 2, 2017

Itni shiddat se agar khuda ko chaha hota ,
To khuda bhi aasman se zameen par utar aata .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The silence of the sea

The moonless night draped in the star studded sky
The gentle breeze that brushed  against the skin.
The restless waves eagerly kissed the feet and retreated
The roaring ocean boasted of its sublime presence.
With you beside me, I could feel the vastness of the universe,
that stillness of the night breathing softly into my ears.
And yes, That was love, unspoken love.

Husband tag


1)husband's passport
2)husband's aadhar card
3)financial plan and investments
4)husband's insurance
5)husband's financial plan
6) driving brush up
7) fitness classes

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Broken Paradise

"You gave all your love to her ,you gave that precious place in your heart and mind to her. Is there anything that is left for me...because I  yearn for your love, emotions, soul and everything..."

Sushant carries with him a dark past which no one has ever got to know; except Priya who is blessed with the intuitive ability to read Sushant's body language and mind. What else could explain the impregnable wall that Sushant has built around himself, that neither allows Priya to enter nor Sushant to come out of it. Priya and Sushant live under the same roof but without a common foundation. The past haunts Sushant, making him incapable of accepting Priya as a part of his life... while Priya waits in vain to be loved and accepted as a friend, a lover and a wife ......

On a misty Sunday evening,

Monday, September 5, 2016

Last night i thought of you
Those moments which had only me and you
The first time when the eyes met and we knew
It was now and for ever
Love so innocent, and so pure
The heart knew that this love had no cure.
The world was tinted with pink and rose.
Lucky we were ,it was us who the cupid chose.
We teased,laughed and played love fools
No cares of the world,we broke all the rules 
Come rain or sunshine,you were always mine.
There was never a time when we had a bad day.
Because your smile made it better every way .
Never did i know that we would part
Because we vowed to be together from the start.
But all good things come to an end.
Even though we are now so far
But i look up at the sky and see you as my shining star.
Still waiting for the day
When our eyes meet again
Once again we turn into love insane.