Saturday, November 5, 2016

Broken Paradise

"You gave all your love to her ,you gave that precious place in your heart and mind to her. Is there anything that is left for me...because I  yearn for your love, emotions, soul and everything..."

Sushant carries with him a dark past which no one has ever got to know; except Priya who is blessed with the intuitive ability to read Sushant's body language and mind. What else could explain the impregnable wall that Sushant has built around himself, that neither allows Priya to enter nor Sushant to come out of it. Priya and Sushant live under the same roof but without a common foundation. The past haunts Sushant, making him incapable of accepting Priya as a part of his life... while Priya waits in vain to be loved and accepted as a friend, a lover and a wife ......

On a misty Sunday evening,

Monday, September 5, 2016

Last night i thought of you
Those moments which had only me and you
The first time when the eyes met and we knew
It was now and for ever
Love so innocent, and so pure
The heart knew that this love had no cure.
The world was tinted with pink and rose.
Lucky we were ,it was us who the cupid chose.
We teased,laughed and played love fools
No cares of the world,we broke all the rules 
Come rain or sunshine,you were always mine.
There was never a time when we had a bad day.
Because your smile made it better every way .
Never did i know that we would part
Because we vowed to be together from the start.
But all good things come to an end.
Even though we are now so far
But i look up at the sky and see you as my shining star.
Still waiting for the day
When our eyes meet again
Once again we turn into love insane.

Friday, August 12, 2016


On one of those gloomy dark days, when I tell myself, get up and get going because you are your own strength, you are your own motivation. I usually have never written something like this, but lately these thoughts have been pre-occupying my mind.

Life has not given an option to be dependent, because no one is dependable.
Life has not given an option to be fearful, because no one lends courage.
Life has not given an option to cry, because there is no shoulder to lean on.
Life has not given an option to rest, because no one can comfort
Life has not given an option to be complacent, because no one gives contentment.
Life has not given an option to be emotional, because no one understands.
Life has not given an option to love, because no one is a lover.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Travelogue 3 - Cunnoor and Ooty

The second half of the year and this is the second in line after Allepey, Kerala trip in January . This time it was a quick trip to the famous hill station of the South India- Ooty - Cunnoor.
The journey started post midnight and we reached Ooty at 6 AM in the morning but not before we passed by the forests of Bandipur. Since the weather was cloudy and drizzling we were lucky enough to spot quite a few of forest inhabitants- Elephants, Bison, beautiful spotted deers, peacocks en route to Ooty. The trees were washed up by the rain water and displayed a vibrant hue of lush green abundance.

As we were nearing towards Ooty, the temperature started dropping and by the time we reached Ooty it was 13 degrees celsius and we were all shivering. It reminded me of the hill stations in the North, but nevertheless it was a welcoming respite from the tropical Southern climate. No one can imagine that Ooty is located in Tamil Nadu , one of the hottest and humid place in India.

We took the heritage train from Ooty and made our progress towards Cunnoor, a small but even more beautiful hill station approximately 1 hr journey from Ooty. Surrounded by tall green mountains, the roads started curving around the hills. Cunnoor is famous for tea plantation and you can find many tea estates on the way. Terrace farming is common here as it would be in any other mountainous region.

Our goal was to cover the maximum number of places here. So we started covering one place after another. I would start from the best place.

1) Shooting point - You get the panaromic view of the entire hill station at this point. Clouds are really low here but unfortunately they were quite far from us, but they covered the top of the distant hills, something like the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas. We managed to get a few clicks done here.

2) Dolphin's Nose- I do not know why this is called as Dolphin's nose and I really did not find anything resembling the Dolphin, contrary to what the locale people would see. This place gives you a bigger picture of the valley below. Standing at the top of the hill, as you look down , you realize the depth of the valley. At a distance you will find Catherine waterfalls. I initially thought we can get closer to the falls , but there was no way we could reach there. It is like the virgin falls amidst the hills. All you can hear is the sound of the falls even though it was miles away from where we stood, which itself explains how majestic and powerful this waterfall would be from close.

3) Lamb's Rock - Well to put it in short, there is nothing in particular to see. They have given different names to different viewing points. They are all hill tops with a similar view of the surrounding landscape.

4) All saint's church - One of the oldest Churches in Cunnoor , since I am a believer, I had to visit this place and offer my reverence.

All said, more than the places, what was more beautiful was the drive from ooty to Cunnoor and vice versa. The sceneries were really breathtaking. All those who thought that there are no hill stations in South India, must visit this place once. If not better, atleast it is at par with the hills in Northern India.

So we returned from Cunnoor to Ooty and visited botanical garden and Boat house in Ooty . Ooty does not have much to offer in comparison to Cunnoor, so possibly it can be just a stopping point .

Ooty is famous for home made chocolates and you can grab them at really reasonable price. 100gms for Rs 50. But the best part of the entire trip was shopping at Kashmir emporium, well in just half an hour I could grab 1 jacket and 1 netted top, wanted to spend more time trying out stuff but was running short of time since friends were waiting outside.

My overall rating - 3.5 / 5

Catherine falls

Botanical garder

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Random vlogs at Kerala

Travelogue 2- Allepey, Kerala

I should have posted this earlier but it just got delayed due to procrastination. This was an impromptu trip to Allepey , the famous backwaters in Kerala. We boarded the bus at 930 pm and reached Allepey early morning at 6 am. We had no clue where we were going, which places to visit, all we knew was we have to see the backwaters. Kerala presents a very surreal, calm atmosphere even during the peak hours. You would not find people being noisy or loud. The streets were empty and people are very reserved. After walking some 2-3 km we finally managed to get a decent hotel. After getting refreshed, we began with our day 1. Kerala has hot and humid but luckily once we hired a houseboat and started our backwaters exploration, the weather became pleasant :

Our boat

An island habitat
These houseboats are Rs 10000 for 3 days

oops cant rotate

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Either love deeply or hate deeply, but whatever you do, do it with complete passion

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I dont know what is it in me that just does'nt satisfy me . I just cant imagine how so many people across the world can live without a goal in their mind, without a passion, without a reason to live.

It has to be either love, or life that should motivate you to go on and move forward. I honestly hate those days which I spend wasting or doing nothing, and I see there are people who would spend their weekends or free time gossiping, chatting, bantering or looking at other people's page on social networking sites. How can someone be so idle and aimless in life. I seriously do not understand what joy people get in looking at other people's profiles, life story, instead of building their own life story.

Anyways, that is not the point of concern right now for me. I am trying to figure out what to do next in life , and definitely in a forward direction, because something inside me says-- This is not it, the world is not enough...Greed or insatiable dreams, desires , it whatever you may want, but I want it this way, because this hunger is what keeps me ticking and going on.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where giving up is not an answer..patience is the virtue
Where leaving is not an option
Living is the key.
Where life gives enuf reasons to complain
Find lil reasons to smile.
For all you know,tomorrow could be the final calling.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Its just like another weekend when I am in a pensive mood, browsing through various job opprotunities on internet and wondering, what is it that defines SUCCESS. Why is it so elusive in nature, why do some have it and others dont . What is it about SUCCESS that makes it so desirable yet so unattainable. I want to nail this down ... REALLY, i want to unlock this mystery, why is it
like a mirage running away while I try to grasp it with my hands.
DAMN did I just mess up with my life or is there still that thing that I can use it......get it.....

I have never liked the idea of mediocrity , ironically people may just call me a mediocre person. I look at others and I ask myself, Why cant I, what is stopping me, why do they have it and why dont I.
And honestly , I want this jealousy to turn into so much of zealousness that I just make it happen.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Things to do this year

1) Write a short story
2) Go ahead with my art instinct and selling proposition.
3) Make educational videos
4) Acquire one additional skill- could be driving/ learning a new subject.
5) Learn something new that takes me in the direction that I have dreamt of.
6) Travel

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Keep moving, keep learning and keep dreaming

There comes a time when somethings in life come to a standstill. They cease to serve any purpose in life. They cease to excite you, they no longer help you grow. Before that feeling sinks in, it is better to move on, else you will be caught in stagnation. Like a quicksand, the harder you try to move out, the deeper it pulls you in. someone very rightly said, the only constant thing in the world is change.

Change for better is good, but no one knows if the change will make you better off or worse. That element of uncertainty will always loom, but sometimes an unpredictability is better than the the certainty which does not take you forward.

Before the feeling of stagnation overpowers you, make a move, because the ability to give up on something that does not add meaning to your dreams, aspirations or future goals requires real courage and a tough decision.

In terms of economics, this can be correlated to the law of diminishing marginal utility. The more you do it, the lesser satisfaction you gain out of it (the economists may beg to differ if i used the incorrect law here). Life is too short to carry regrets.  After all, life is just once, and it is short. Why restrict to the set definitions, roles,rules, learnings, experiences.

Keep moving, keep learning and keep dreaming !

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just keep moving on and on and on... smthing in me does'nt give up. I hate to give up even when
nothing seem to go my way.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let it go...

So here I let it go. It was my dream to be a part of WB, but it was not exactly what I wanted . Was looking for something else at WB. The journey should always lead you forward and not backwards.
I chose a life of challenges over a laid back and easy life.

Let us see where this grit and courage take me to. Watch out as the story unfolds....

Continuation .....

I dont think I regret my decision now because I got what I had taken the risk for, and all thanks to God and my parents to whom I owe all that I achieve and just no one else . But all said and done , this was a goal, accomplished , time to move on with another.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Law of attraction

Another dream come true. Does it mean that there is something called as the law of attraction, and that it is true that what ever you think of, and whatever you want earnestly comes to you sooner or later.
There I was once upon a time, dreaming to be a part of big 4s consulting firms, and then while that dream came true, I was dreaming of another dream , to be the part of WB fraternity. It took a little less than 4.5 yrs for this to come true. Though not exactly how I wanted it to be, but still it is another milestone that I achieved. Who do I owe it to? Well, I guess it has to do with the blessings of my parents and wishes of my well wisher- Varun, my best friend of little less than 4 yrs.
Dad once said that dont worry, everything will be good , my blessings are always there with you, and you will shine. Is this just a beginning?

Though I do not consider it to be some big achievement, it just happened, I was'nt really expecting it.
But I value it, since there could be so many people out there who want to be at my place.

Have I reached there yet? No , this is not where I want to be, this is just a beginning, or rather somewhere in between. I have other aspirations that are bigger and more difficult to achieve, but then when have I liked a life without a dream or a challenge.

I would say my perseverance and patience paid off. All those idle hours which I spent on reading, browsing, channeling my thoughts on what I want from life paid off , this is the second time in my life.

So what am I doing next ? Well, still reading, browsing and working towards acquiring the skillsets that I lack.

 I would like to end this with the above quote and " Everything comes for a price,Even your dreams, be willing to pay for it."

New Year resolutions

It is mid Jan, and I am setting my new year resolutions now

1) Meet more interesting people (something that is very unlike me, but I guess this is where I lack and this is what I need to do)

2) Travel more, explore more

3) Lose weight, rather be fit .

4) Acquire some additional skill in terms of skill sets / course.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Economics of ODD-EVEN rule in Delhi

So here comes the new year, so what is new about the new year except that it is a new year 2016? New resolutions, new hopes , new plans, not just at the personal level but also at the national level. And when it comes to the national level, the newest in the block is the odd-even formula devised (but not the original) by the Delhi chief minister, applicable to all the private vehicle (read car ) owners in Delhi. Oh, I just remember that I have a new year party to attend tonight. Before I plan for what to wear, and what to carry, I have to look at my car's registration number. Thankfully, it is an odd number, which means I do not have to struggle to reach to the venue. But the party is supposed to run till the wee hours, and what if I get stuck with a flat tyre or a broken car. I must leave my car there and then, and hire a cab, or a public transport, because the calendar would have changed to January 2, and I am not allowed to drive my "Odd" vehicle on an even day (riders applicable).

So, here comes the plethora of all the possibilities that one can imagine in the wildest dreams. Just a month ago, wassapp and social networking sites were flooded with satirical versions of the Even-Odd formula. Sure enough we do care about the environment, and the deteriorating quality of air, but when it comes to finding a solution to the problem, the Odd-even formula does not seem to be a very good fit for a state like Delhi. There are several reasons why. Primarily , the Delhi public transport system is not well equipped to serve the rise of public traffic during the period the new rule is in effect. The Delhi metro is already over-crowded and over congested even during the normal days, that there is not even enough room for the general public to plant their feet in it. Secondly, the number of buses connecting different routes is not enough to bear the extra burden of the people who would want to opt for it, in the absence of private vehicles.
The odd-even rule will empower the private cab drivers or rather bring about perfect competition in the Auto rickshaw category. They will gain the absolute power to demand the fare they want. It may also lead to cartelization unless there is a regulatory authority to watch out.

The next big question is- who is going to be the most affected by this? Like any other rule, the middle class will face the brunt, because the upper middle class is most likely two possess more than 1 car and the probability of having another car with a complementary registration number would be 1/2 .
The bike owners, ministers, VIPs, women and people with medical emergency are exempted from this. However, how is it possible to judge whether someone is going to hospital or not,

Where do the trucks driving on national highway go? Are they not contributing to environmental pollution? Since the rule is in effect from 8am to 8 pm, so can we expect traffic snarls and jams post 8 pm.

The odd even theory may have worked successfully in other countries but this is not definitely the right time to implement it in Delhi. The government should work towards  developing the public transport and infrastructure first, . Government has not rolled out the estimated number of buses for the public, but is expecting the public to travel by buses and car pools (again a bad idea for a place which is unsafe ,especially for women). I personally would'nt opt for car pooling, that leaves me with no better option than travelling by metro and squeezing in between people.

I wish Delhi chief minister was more tactical, original and logical, and focus should have been more on a feasible solution than just a temporary resolve. With the crippled transport system in Delhi (and elsewhere), do not expect people to leave their personal vehicles. Churn out more metros, smart buses, safer cab system, and then we might just think of it.

Moral of the story for Delhi chief : Imitate only what can be imitated. Do your ground work before blindly following a foreign country.

Travelogue- Odisha Trip , Part 1

Its time of the year again, and the year ended on yet another trip. This time it is the eastern coastal state of Odisha with my family (yes, my travel buddies , my mom in law and dad in law). We covered a whopping 6 places in row. While most of the places are of religious significance, nevertheless, it was fun exploring the places.
Since cameras are not allowed in many temples, I was'nt able to click as many pictures as I wanted to, but still have managed to capture quite a few of them.
The no.1 slot goes to the Sun temple at Konark. Built in 16th century, it is a protected monument under UNESCO and ASI (archaelogical survey of India).
Check out the pictures of this astounding structure. It is believed that the Sun's first rays enter directly into the temple. The temple is designed as a chariot with big wheels.
Can you beat that? The entire temple was carved out of a single stone, back then in 16th century.

 The iron rods around the structure is meant to protect the monument from natural catastrophe such as Earthquakes and storms.

The depiction of feminine figurines in that era.

The famous wheel which is also the symbol of Odisha

One side of the chariot

Look at the intricate carvings in the stone

Next stop - Chandrabhaaga , a place where river meets the ocean.The beach is a retreat from the maddening city noise

The serenity of the place is soothing to the soul

Next stop - Puri Temple, we had a quick darshan and bhog at the temple. No cams allowed so no pics at the moment.

Next hault- Rama Chandi temple near chandrabhaga. Legend says that this is the place where lord Rama was guided by the goddess as to how to resuce Sita from Ravana's captivity.

Next stop- Dhaulagiri stupa where king Ashoka adopted Buddhism. This one is from the net, since it was dark by the time we reached there and we could'nt grab any clicks.

And last but not the least Lingaraja temple. I wish I had a journalist / reporter/ professional photographer tag to be allowed to carry a camera inside. This click is again from the internet, just to share the magnificence of this very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a multitude of small temples dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. 

So did we mark the end of the Trip. Hoping to cover more next time . Never knew actually that Orissa had such rich cultural heritage. A highly underrated state, but atleast it is not yet exploited as a tourist hub, which keeps it safe from the noise and pollution.