Sunday, April 24, 2016


Its just like another weekend when I am in a pensive mood, browsing through various job opprotunities on internet and wondering, what is it that defines SUCCESS. Why is it so elusive in nature, why do some have it and others dont . What is it about SUCCESS that makes it so desirable yet so unattainable. I want to nail this down ... REALLY, i want to unlock this mystery, why is it
like a mirage running away while I try to grasp it with my hands.
DAMN did I just mess up with my life or is there still that thing that I can use it......get it.....

I have never liked the idea of mediocrity , ironically people may just call me a mediocre person. I look at others and I ask myself, Why cant I, what is stopping me, why do they have it and why dont I.
And honestly , I want this jealousy to turn into so much of zealousness that I just make it happen.

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