Thursday, December 26, 2013

Educate Yourself

we all claim to be educated.But how many of us are really educated?  how many of us dare to stand against the social evils? how many of us deter ourselves from being a part of the audience or the player in the so called social arena fretted by ill structured norms. How many of us question the authority governed by political correctness.
This raises the point to ponder upon : Are we educated or are we only literates?

Education should not only serve the purpose of equipping you with skills to earn a livelihood, but it should also empower you to take right decisions at right time.Education should give you freedom from fear and lend you the spirit of questioning yourself and the laws . Most of us are content with the financial independence that education brings to us, but we are least bothered about the everyday incidents that happen around us or affect us in someway.

Education is of no worth if it doesnt give you the courage to fight for your rights,if it does not empower you to say no to the irrational social norms which serve no purpose in advancement of the society, rather continue to envelope the society in primitive rules and justifying them saying its part of our culture.Dowry system is one such example. How many of the educated girls refuse to say no to a marriage that involves exchange of lumpsum "gifts" in the name of custom
.How many parents give in? How many of us fight for our self respect and dignity? Education should lend voice to each individual and not suppress it. Education should not highlight the cowardice rather fight it,otherwise how can one distinguish between a person who never went to a school and the one who is educated and expected to know his rights and responsibilities.

Education should strengthen your character and help you seek truth. All this may sound very idealistic to many, but if we turn back the pages in the history, education has always been considered as an indomitable weapon to fight oppression such as feudal system,bonded labour, slavery etc and bring a change in the society by eradicating the evil and ignorance inside out.

So what are we waiting for.Lets Educate ourselves and fight our fears. Least expected would be to disallow ourselves to be a victim.