Monday, May 30, 2011

Job titles that i hate the most

I just happened to receive an email alert from one of the national job sites here in India. My keyword for job search is Analyst / Research, and guess what, despite of several updations, i keep receiving irrelevant job postings on my email.This one which i received today was even more funny -- Business development analyst. What the heck? I dont need a "business development analyst" job, and by the way who calls this profile as that of an analyst? What sort of analysis does it require? Number crunching? graphs? statsistics? or is it just Number dialing on the telephone to potential customers?

This reminds me of one more thing-- how the companies, supposedly, small scale and non paying non-reputed companies try to lure the job seekers with cheesy flashy job titles-- Relationship manager / Business development manager / Customer services analyst/ Phone banking officer/ Sales manager / Area sales Manager and many more. When the truth is that these profiles do not have anything to do with analysis or managing. And the only person who reports to you is yourself. There are no sub ordinates, which otherwise the designation of manager implies.At the end of the day, you find yourself reporting to the MD about how many leads you have generated, how much sales and profit you bought to the company, and all that nonsense.

All these jobs just involve calling the clients,selling and bringing business. Thats it.

What irks me even more is that, the job sites keep sending such irrelevant jobs to me. I mean " Analyst" and not a marketing job, even if they think that it involves a lot of analysis, i am sorry, i am under qualified in that case. So please...stop sending me such jobs..its better to see no jobs, than seeing such jobs which i don't consider even a quarter of an actual analyst profile.