Thursday, December 26, 2013

Educate Yourself

we all claim to be educated.But how many of us are really educated?  how many of us dare to stand against the social evils? how many of us deter ourselves from being a part of the audience or the player in the so called social arena fretted by ill structured norms. How many of us question the authority governed by political correctness.
This raises the point to ponder upon : Are we educated or are we only literates?

Education should not only serve the purpose of equipping you with skills to earn a livelihood, but it should also empower you to take right decisions at right time.Education should give you freedom from fear and lend you the spirit of questioning yourself and the laws . Most of us are content with the financial independence that education brings to us, but we are least bothered about the everyday incidents that happen around us or affect us in someway.

Education is of no worth if it doesnt give you the courage to fight for your rights,if it does not empower you to say no to the irrational social norms which serve no purpose in advancement of the society, rather continue to envelope the society in primitive rules and justifying them saying its part of our culture.Dowry system is one such example. How many of the educated girls refuse to say no to a marriage that involves exchange of lumpsum "gifts" in the name of custom
.How many parents give in? How many of us fight for our self respect and dignity? Education should lend voice to each individual and not suppress it. Education should not highlight the cowardice rather fight it,otherwise how can one distinguish between a person who never went to a school and the one who is educated and expected to know his rights and responsibilities.

Education should strengthen your character and help you seek truth. All this may sound very idealistic to many, but if we turn back the pages in the history, education has always been considered as an indomitable weapon to fight oppression such as feudal system,bonded labour, slavery etc and bring a change in the society by eradicating the evil and ignorance inside out.

So what are we waiting for.Lets Educate ourselves and fight our fears. Least expected would be to disallow ourselves to be a victim.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

when you are young, your parents guard you against deceiving people.
when you are older, you need to guard your parents against the deceiving people.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Creative Corner : DIY-Handmade fabric roses

 What does Art mean to me? It is an outlet for emotions, imagination, and means to keep me occupied, and yes ,it is a way to delve into the deeper self.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Creative Corner : DIY- GLASS PAINTING

Nothing unique about it, no rocket science,pure child's play. One of the easiest forms of painting, these glass paintings do not demand more than 25-30 min of time. Pimp it up with jewels and sparkles. 

1. Draw a picture of your choice on a white paper.
2. Place the glass sheet over the drawing and trace the outline with marker, or 3D glitter pen.
3. Once dry, fill in the glass colors of your choice, and allow it to dry.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Essence of A Woman, which Every Woman should know

While on my way to Delhi, at Bangalore International Airport, I got my hand on a book, that brought me a true inspiration and stimulated the feminist mindset in me. All this while , i have read this book some 2-3 times already and few stories are simply encouraging and amazing. They don;t fail to awe me everytime i read  .

I am talking about the book called " Follow Every Rainbow" by Rashmi Bansal. It talks about the incredible journey of women entrepreneurs who made it big , all by themselves. I have been following Rashmi Bansal's books - Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and Connect the Dots. But this one is different. While the former takes you through the journey of IIM grads turned Entrepreneurs, Follow Every Rainbow, describes the journey of Women through the storm and emerging as a winner .Something that every Woman can or should be able to relate to. The book is all about the Woman Power, about women, some who were fortunate enough ,while  there are some, who had to fight all odds to reach to a position where they are today. The book is divided into 3 Sub categories , with Women from different walks of life categorized as Lakshmi/ Durga/ Saraswati . As the Hindu Mythology goes, Lakshmi ,the woman, born with the abundance , Durga , the warrior/ fighter who has to fight the enemy with in and out , and Saraswati is the one who is blessed with creative and Intellectual mind. 

Of all the categories, the one i personally loved the most ,was about the women who are the re-incarnation of Durga, because these are the ones , who were never detered by any obstacle or tough situation, but continued to carry on. Some were challanged by a bad marriage, some by poverty, some being the sole bread winner for the family.

Some of the quick take- aways from the lives of these Women are : 

1) A woman is stronger than a Man , in more than 1 way .
2) A woman , if sets her mind on something, she can achieve it no matter what.
3) A woman can manage her house, family and career well altogether, if she is willing to. she doesnt have to sacrifice one for another.
4) A woman should never lose her identity, because that is the only thing that is going to help her , when she has no one around to look up to.
5) A woman should always keep doing , or learning something that gives her happiness or instills confidence in herselfF.It may not always have to be for money.
6) A woman does get that guilt feeling when she goes out to work leaving her kids alone at home, but sometimes she has to do it, not for herself, but for her family.
7) While the society has set out the rule that men should look after earning money, and women should look after home and family, but if there is fair share of responsibilities between the man and the woman, then life becomes a lot more easy.
8) A woman should never fall victim to self -criticism and self-doubt because she can do a lot many things that a man cannot do. 
9) A woman can play all the roles of - daughter, wife, mother, a professional with elan, without complaining way bit. 
10) Every Woman deserves a Man, who can encourage her to follow her dreams and passion, who can give her wings, who doesnt get his ego hurt by the success of his wife, who understands her need to have her own identity that would help her in any unforeseen crisis in life.

These are my views that i have been thinking for long to pen down in my blog, but was not finding words to start the blog with. But the book came to me just at the right time, and i feel completely inspired, stronger and proud to be a Woman writing this down here. Because, we, the Woman are the sustainer of the world, we not only bring life into this world, but also nurture it and help it grow. 

Last ,but not the least, EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL.

P.S. I happened to convey my respect to one of these women "Patricia Narayana" whose story is published in the book,it touched my heart so much,that i ended up sending an e-mail to her.I did wish to hear from her personally, but never expected that she would, given her busy schedule. But, as i opened my inbox, i found a Thank you note from her, and in her own words -- "
Thanks for your mail,when i had to face problems it was only survival,and children, and agony thru out,but after all these years in this male dominated society it  is not a cake walk,but when recognition and apreciation hapens all the troubles and tasks look very small.Thats what takes people like me to the next level,thanks for your mail and wishes "
I feel super delighted now, that i could hear from the lady herself. My respect for her is even more now. Thanks Patricia , for being such a wonderful, kind hearted woman , and hope many more women, follow your footsteps and stand for themselves.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


My Bunch of friends in Bangalore, who have been really kind, and accepting towards me.
Especially, Ravi, Varun, Bindu and Rekha.. Thanks for being there. Trusting, accepting and loving me!!

Ravi -- Mr Diplomatic
Rekha --Miss OMG
Varun -- Mr Optimistic entertainer
Bindu -- Mrs Shaky Bindu
Sari (ofcourse me) -- Miss Shy witty

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Blackboard Notes III on one of the key Finance topics.

Love Thy Parents

How can i rob them of their happiness, how can i tell them i just cannot make it, when all i know is that ,my presence makes them feel alive. Am i living for them, or are they living for me, or is it just a mutual understanding, that we share . Calling this as a symbiotic relationship would be too inanimate, because more than them needing me, i need them.
For the past one year or so, i have been travelling up and down between two big cities of India. One ,where my heart is, and the other where my mind is. One that gives me peace of mind, and the other which gives me professional satisfaction. One is the key to my future success probably, and the other is the meaning of my existence. I never knew, that to realize a goal, i would have to sacrifice my family/my parents . But , sure enough, i am not the only one. Many of us have to leave the security of our homes, for better opportunities. Thats the way it is.

And like every unselfish parents, they don't complain, but only encourage. They have fulfilled their responsibility as parents, but have i been able to fulfill my responsibility as a child ? They may not speak up, but i do see in their eyes, the emptiness of being alone. I simply cannot understand, how in the world can anyone leave their parents alone, especially when they need us the most. It is easy to pass life, when one is younger and independent, but with age, emotional dependence takes its position on the priority list. And that is the reason why, i am never able to say a NO , when they ask me , if i am coming over the weekend .
Even if i have the worst of situations, i vow to be at their service first . Everything else comes second, My parents come first in this world.  What more can i ask for, if i am given this chance to look after them, in their old age. My only wish is, if only i could earn a lot of money, so that they do not have to worry about their future. If only i could make them more proud, so that they can raise their heads high up and say that ,she is my Daughter. My only wish is that, their every wish and need gets fulfilled, even before they ask for it .
Because that is how ,they have brought me up, in all these years, giving me everything that i ever wanted.

And if that requires me to stay away from them, run around every weekend, i will do that, as long as i can.

Finally,a message for every Son/ Daughter out there : All this while , we lived for ourselves, doing whatever we wanted, and later on in life, we will be living for our own children. Lets just find a little time in between, to live for our Parents, because of whom , we have reached this far. Lets not leave them alone when they need us. Afterall, all that they need is a little bit of our time. And probably, watching us, our children would learn the same.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sometimes i wish to feel the air
sometimes i wish to touch the stars
sometimes i wish to go too far
sometimes i wish to dance in the rain
sometimes i wish to laugh at pain
sometimes i wish to close my eyes
sometimes i wish to loosen all ties.
sometimes i wish to break all bonds,
sometimes i wish to sing aloud
sometimes i wish to live without any bound.

Heal The world

A touching song and even more touching Video. There are so many innocent little abandoned children waiting to be loved, hugged and cared for .

And here is just another version of the same song, aimed to spread the message of Peace across the world.
A righteous song for Humanity and Mankind.

If only it was possible to create such a world. If only each one of us could understand ,what the world really needs is not power, but love. If only we could stop playing with arms and weapons, and restore the faith in universal brotherhood.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Pennies, My Thoughts: Protecting yourself from you

My Pennies, My Thoughts: Protecting yourself from you: You are your own worst enemy. You can beat yourself up for spending too much money, but you can also rationalize every purchase. You ...

Life is too short,lets just live it "Every day".