Sunday, January 20, 2013


Blackboard Notes III on one of the key Finance topics.

Love Thy Parents

How can i rob them of their happiness, how can i tell them i just cannot make it, when all i know is that ,my presence makes them feel alive. Am i living for them, or are they living for me, or is it just a mutual understanding, that we share . Calling this as a symbiotic relationship would be too inanimate, because more than them needing me, i need them.
For the past one year or so, i have been travelling up and down between two big cities of India. One ,where my heart is, and the other where my mind is. One that gives me peace of mind, and the other which gives me professional satisfaction. One is the key to my future success probably, and the other is the meaning of my existence. I never knew, that to realize a goal, i would have to sacrifice my family/my parents . But , sure enough, i am not the only one. Many of us have to leave the security of our homes, for better opportunities. Thats the way it is.

And like every unselfish parents, they don't complain, but only encourage. They have fulfilled their responsibility as parents, but have i been able to fulfill my responsibility as a child ? They may not speak up, but i do see in their eyes, the emptiness of being alone. I simply cannot understand, how in the world can anyone leave their parents alone, especially when they need us the most. It is easy to pass life, when one is younger and independent, but with age, emotional dependence takes its position on the priority list. And that is the reason why, i am never able to say a NO , when they ask me , if i am coming over the weekend .
Even if i have the worst of situations, i vow to be at their service first . Everything else comes second, My parents come first in this world.  What more can i ask for, if i am given this chance to look after them, in their old age. My only wish is, if only i could earn a lot of money, so that they do not have to worry about their future. If only i could make them more proud, so that they can raise their heads high up and say that ,she is my Daughter. My only wish is that, their every wish and need gets fulfilled, even before they ask for it .
Because that is how ,they have brought me up, in all these years, giving me everything that i ever wanted.

And if that requires me to stay away from them, run around every weekend, i will do that, as long as i can.

Finally,a message for every Son/ Daughter out there : All this while , we lived for ourselves, doing whatever we wanted, and later on in life, we will be living for our own children. Lets just find a little time in between, to live for our Parents, because of whom , we have reached this far. Lets not leave them alone when they need us. Afterall, all that they need is a little bit of our time. And probably, watching us, our children would learn the same.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sometimes i wish to feel the air
sometimes i wish to touch the stars
sometimes i wish to go too far
sometimes i wish to dance in the rain
sometimes i wish to laugh at pain
sometimes i wish to close my eyes
sometimes i wish to loosen all ties.
sometimes i wish to break all bonds,
sometimes i wish to sing aloud
sometimes i wish to live without any bound.

Heal The world

A touching song and even more touching Video. There are so many innocent little abandoned children waiting to be loved, hugged and cared for .

And here is just another version of the same song, aimed to spread the message of Peace across the world.
A righteous song for Humanity and Mankind.

If only it was possible to create such a world. If only each one of us could understand ,what the world really needs is not power, but love. If only we could stop playing with arms and weapons, and restore the faith in universal brotherhood.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Pennies, My Thoughts: Protecting yourself from you

My Pennies, My Thoughts: Protecting yourself from you: You are your own worst enemy. You can beat yourself up for spending too much money, but you can also rationalize every purchase. You ...

Life is too short,lets just live it "Every day".