Friday, January 3, 2014

Will the AAP make a difference to Indian politics?


The last month of 2013 witnessed one of the path breaking events in the history of Indian politics. What appeared to be a cut throat competition between the two most powerful  warring parties - BJP and Congress, finally ended up with low profile Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) take away the baton and gain the status quo of "people's party" .Even though there were lots of speculations over who would win the state elections in Delhi , a common vibe reverberated amongst the common men, Congress should not get  another chance. Blame it on the series of corruption charges dating back to 2010 commonwealth games, unfriendly public policies , high inflation and insensitivity towards gender specific issues, congress had clearly lost the rapport and trust with the commoner long before the elections happened.
The newbie in the town "The AAP " has turned out to be the new buzz word  and its founder Arvind Kejriwal became the new Super Hero , not just in Delhi but across the country, with all eyes pinning hopes on the party to bring about a revolutionary change in the Indian politics.

With all eyes eagerly waiting to see what this "self declared" people's party can deliver to the common man, the party founder, 45 yrs young Kejriwal promises to uproot corruption from the Indian politics.Looking at the party dynamics , the AAP team comprises of young and educated enthusiasts from various backgrounds who are willing to bring a change in the system.

With the dawn of year 2014, the Delhites received the new year gift in the form of free water supply and 50 pc slashed power rates.Delhi received its first anti bribery hotline number andDelhi was stripped off its VIP culture with the ban on red beacon lights on the government vehicles.All this happened within days after Kejriwal was sworn as the new  CM of Delhi. Other issues in the offing are revision in CNG price, better public transport, putting a ban on donations made to private school etc. Although opposition have little confidence in the new policies and term it as unrealistic, it is evident that if AAP stands firm on its philosophy and ideologies, Indian politics will see a major change in the coming years. The flip side that needs to be seen is that the party has no scope to falter. In the previous years, many times the prices of petrol and by products have been reduced to counter the angst of people momentarily, but only to be hiked in the next two months,on the pretext that oil companies are going on loss or the government is  spending a lot on the subsidies. If the same happens under AAP governance, people will have zero telerance. Needless to say, AAP has raised the expectations of the common man. On one hand party 's austerity has gain popularity amongst the people , on the other hand any personal vested interest may lead to the downfall of the party before the term ends.

Nevertheless, the blueprint of AAP's agenda backed up by a team of educated young individuals has brought a ray of hope for the Indian politics.If Delhi becomes a success story, then other states will demand to follow the same route. Finally, India may hope to see an empowered country and re-define Democracy which has lost its meaning over a period over a period of time.  For the next quarter its a wait and watch strategy for the common man and a quick action plan by the AAP to sweep the nation clean from corruption.

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