Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marriage Vows

Sia and Mohit have been married for two years now. They both live in an apartment in Mumbai Suburbs. Theirs had been an arranged marriage, just like the majority of weddings happen in India.
A few months of acquaintance and a formal conversation, eventually ended with both of them getting tied by the sacred knot known as marriage.
After the first few months of the nuptial period, life had been the mundane struggle for both of them to make the ends meet.
Sia has always been a carefree, "live your life to the hilt" kind of girl. She has aspirations for her career as well as her love life. Mohit on the contrary is a laid back, self indulgent and again carefree enough to care about the future. Sia is a devoted yet chilled out wife. And so is Mohit, a husband who never refrained Sia from living her life her way, atleast that is how it appeared to be.

Sia works as a banker with a MNC. Her hectic schedule would keep her occupied enough to block her thoughts from going astray.
Rhea, one of her colleagues at the office questioned her once," Sia, how can you live with such a casual attitude towards your personal life? " "What do you mean by that Rhea?" Sia was puzzled.
Rhea continued," I mean you never keep an eye on Mohit's whereabouts, who he speaks to, what he does when you are not around in town..Umm, you know what I am trying to say, if I were you, I would have never let my husband move so freely."
Sia gave a gentle smile and explained, "Rhea, you know something, if someone has to cheat, he/she can cheat anytime, no matter how much you keep an eye or play a watchdog. Fidelity doesn't come by control. If it has to come, it comes. I have seen many couples where husbands would dote on their wives,fulfill every wish,would never let an iota of doubt strike their wives mind, yet behind their back, the husbands would be living a secret life of love and betrayal. And that can be true for wives too.So it goes, What has to happen will happen. Emotion is a free bird,it flies where it wants to fly. "

Sure enough, Sia was not a typical wife,who would ask for her husband's time and attention.She knows what belongs to her will remain hers. Mohit never expressed his love to Sia in an overt way in these two years. Sia never complained either. There has always been an air of indifference around her.She never interfered in what Mohit did. More ever her job kept her on her toes all the time. She was frequent traveler on the business trips. Or is there something that she is hiding behind her cool demeanor. Perhaps, her own insecurity that she is not loved the way she wanted to.Her ambition with regards to her career may be soaring high, but her dreams about her love was crashing down with every passing day. But still she is quiet. Why? " Because, you cannot hold love in hand, you cannot put bars around it." She often tells to herself.
That thought had occurred to Sia many times. Why doesn't Mohit love her. Why he never does things that other men do for their women. She concludes, " Mohit is not the kind of guy who is expressive, he is pragmatic towards love too. He doesn't have the ability to decipher an abstract emotion, which needs to be felt without judgment. But , I trust him, even though he does not say I love you Sia, he will never break his marriage vows."

It was Monday morning. Mohit went for work, while Sia had taken a day off to finish some of the pending work at home. It was 5 in the evening. Sia decided to go on a shopping spree to Bandra which was at a considerable distance from the home. She shopped for some new curtains and bed linens. Sia was passing by the CCD, and decided to take a breather before heading back towards home.

She opens the door of the cafe. She is stunned. She finds Mohit with an unknown female accomplice. They were holding hands and smiling. She saw the kind of spark in Mohit's eyes which she rarely saw before .She felt the lump in her throat. Suddenly, Mohit lifted his head and just when his gaze intercepted Sia's look, she walked out of cafe. Mohit tried to call her cell phone, but she did not answer the call.
"Its over", Mohit received a text message.

Mohit hurried towards the home." Listen Sia, let me explain. I did not mean to betray you. I never ran away from our marriage vows. I was always by your side when you needed me.." Mohit begged .
Sia cut his explanation short, " Mohit, hold it there. You were never by my side when I needed you, because I never let you know when I needed you. And as far as betrayal goes, No you have not betrayed me,I have been betraying myself with the false belief. I am glad to know that atleast you love someone to an extent that you are willing to sacrifice our marriage vows.That was the kind of love I wanted to see in your eyes for me, but I did not know that it was never mine. I was wrong, that you cannot love anyone, that you do not have the ability to understand or express love. But, I am content to know that I was married to a man who can love and express just like everyone else. I wish you all the best."

Mohit cried, "Sia , wait! "

"Next time do not break your marriage vows " Sia left with the whip of air.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ramzan Food Festival - Frazer Town Part 1

Hey There, This is my first time with the vlog, and purely the intention was experimental. I would call it an impromptu video. I created this video during my recent visit to Bangalore's Frazer town with my friends during the Ramzan food festival .  

A picture speaks a thousand words while a video speaks a million . Thanks to my friends for being a part of this fun activity.