Friday, January 1, 2016

Travelogue- Odisha Trip , Part 1

Its time of the year again, and the year ended on yet another trip. This time it is the eastern coastal state of Odisha with my family (yes, my travel buddies , my mom in law and dad in law). We covered a whopping 6 places in row. While most of the places are of religious significance, nevertheless, it was fun exploring the places.
Since cameras are not allowed in many temples, I was'nt able to click as many pictures as I wanted to, but still have managed to capture quite a few of them.
The no.1 slot goes to the Sun temple at Konark. Built in 16th century, it is a protected monument under UNESCO and ASI (archaelogical survey of India).
Check out the pictures of this astounding structure. It is believed that the Sun's first rays enter directly into the temple. The temple is designed as a chariot with big wheels.
Can you beat that? The entire temple was carved out of a single stone, back then in 16th century.

 The iron rods around the structure is meant to protect the monument from natural catastrophe such as Earthquakes and storms.

The depiction of feminine figurines in that era.

The famous wheel which is also the symbol of Odisha

One side of the chariot

Look at the intricate carvings in the stone

Next stop - Chandrabhaaga , a place where river meets the ocean.The beach is a retreat from the maddening city noise

The serenity of the place is soothing to the soul

Next stop - Puri Temple, we had a quick darshan and bhog at the temple. No cams allowed so no pics at the moment.

Next hault- Rama Chandi temple near chandrabhaga. Legend says that this is the place where lord Rama was guided by the goddess as to how to resuce Sita from Ravana's captivity.

Next stop- Dhaulagiri stupa where king Ashoka adopted Buddhism. This one is from the net, since it was dark by the time we reached there and we could'nt grab any clicks.

And last but not the least Lingaraja temple. I wish I had a journalist / reporter/ professional photographer tag to be allowed to carry a camera inside. This click is again from the internet, just to share the magnificence of this very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a multitude of small temples dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. 

So did we mark the end of the Trip. Hoping to cover more next time . Never knew actually that Orissa had such rich cultural heritage. A highly underrated state, but atleast it is not yet exploited as a tourist hub, which keeps it safe from the noise and pollution.

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