Friday, January 22, 2016

The Law of attraction

Another dream come true. Does it mean that there is something called as the law of attraction, and that it is true that what ever you think of, and whatever you want earnestly comes to you sooner or later.
There I was once upon a time, dreaming to be a part of big 4s consulting firms, and then while that dream came true, I was dreaming of another dream , to be the part of WB fraternity. It took a little less than 4.5 yrs for this to come true. Though not exactly how I wanted it to be, but still it is another milestone that I achieved. Who do I owe it to? Well, I guess it has to do with the blessings of my parents and wishes of my well wisher- Varun, my best friend of little less than 4 yrs.
Dad once said that dont worry, everything will be good , my blessings are always there with you, and you will shine. Is this just a beginning?

Though I do not consider it to be some big achievement, it just happened, I was'nt really expecting it.
But I value it, since there could be so many people out there who want to be at my place.

Have I reached there yet? No , this is not where I want to be, this is just a beginning, or rather somewhere in between. I have other aspirations that are bigger and more difficult to achieve, but then when have I liked a life without a dream or a challenge.

I would say my perseverance and patience paid off. All those idle hours which I spent on reading, browsing, channeling my thoughts on what I want from life paid off , this is the second time in my life.

So what am I doing next ? Well, still reading, browsing and working towards acquiring the skillsets that I lack.

 I would like to end this with the above quote and " Everything comes for a price,Even your dreams, be willing to pay for it."

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