Saturday, July 30, 2016

Travelogue 2- Allepey, Kerala

I should have posted this earlier but it just got delayed due to procrastination. This was an impromptu trip to Allepey , the famous backwaters in Kerala. We boarded the bus at 930 pm and reached Allepey early morning at 6 am. We had no clue where we were going, which places to visit, all we knew was we have to see the backwaters. Kerala presents a very surreal, calm atmosphere even during the peak hours. You would not find people being noisy or loud. The streets were empty and people are very reserved. After walking some 2-3 km we finally managed to get a decent hotel. After getting refreshed, we began with our day 1. Kerala has hot and humid but luckily once we hired a houseboat and started our backwaters exploration, the weather became pleasant :

Our boat

An island habitat
These houseboats are Rs 10000 for 3 days

oops cant rotate

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