Saturday, November 5, 2016

Broken Paradise

"You gave all your love to her ,you gave that precious place in your heart and mind to her. Is there anything that is left for me...because I  yearn for your love, emotions, soul and everything..."

Sushant carries with him a dark past which no one has ever got to know; except Priya who is blessed with the intuitive ability to read Sushant's body language and mind. What else could explain the impregnable wall that Sushant has built around himself, that neither allows Priya to enter nor Sushant to come out of it. Priya and Sushant live under the same roof but without a common foundation. The past haunts Sushant, making him incapable of accepting Priya as a part of his life... while Priya waits in vain to be loved and accepted as a friend, a lover and a wife ......

On a misty Sunday evening,

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