Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hall of Shame 2014

Usually we speak about the hall of fame during the end of the year, but this is the first time (probably) that we can predict who is going to win the hall of Fame (read as Shame) for the 2014. The most awaited and the most talked about interview of "The Rahul Gandhi " brought more of a disappointment, leave apart a ray of hope for the already tarnished image of Congress. I missed the direct transmission of the interview on television, but since it created a lot of jokes, the curiosity bug bit me, and i ended up watching it on , but believe it or not, i could hardly believe what i heard during that one hour of  F2F interview. I had to actually rewind and replay the "specific" Q&As just to make sure, that i am not suffering from any hearing disorder, only to realize that the answers were incoherent to the questions that were asked. Rather, they were just the repetition of the same set of words and phrases.

This makes me draw a variety of conclusions :

1) Rahul Gandhi has little knowledge about his own party leave apart Indian Political History.
2) The reason why he gave the same answer to all the questions -- He is least bothered about the political games and statements that other parties make in order to win the vote banks, rather wants to focus on his political agenda i.e Democracy and rights.
3) The answers were rather scripted for him. He may have been asked to avoid answering any question directly, lest he appears as a fool or rake up some controversy.
4) He is too simple and ignorant, least interested to be a part of Indian politics, but still into it ,in order to sustain the family legacy.
5) He tried to act smart by changing the direction of the questions, and re-in force his party's ideology ,instead of pointing a finger on opposition.
6) Hard to believe, but he may not have got the questions right.
7) Last but may be not the least, All he said and what he said...was just a nervousness blabber ,erupting out of his own conscience,which knows that congress has already lost the battle because of many scams and corruption charges.

The kind of answers that he provided were not just dis-satisfactory but completely out of sync with the issue in hand. All he managed to create was a laughing stock out of himself and his party, which was not expected from someone from Gandhi Family. His body language, the way of answering reflected immaturity and lack of confidence.

All i can say is that he is not the voice of youth, but he is the younger version of mute Manmohan Singh, the only difference being, that one doesn't speak at all , and the other speaks which makes no sense at all. I dont see any political ambitions in him

Like Abraham Lincoln said :Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
Wish Rahul Gandhi knew this.

We do not hope to see you winning the assembly elections but we do see you win the award for the HALL OF SHAME 2014.

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