Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It is going to be 1 year of our marriage. Although, it has been a long distance relationship, but still there is a string that holds us together. When I look back at the one year that is gone by, I still cannot believe how two different individuals, and by different, I mean ,completely contra-distinctive personalities. If one is Earth, the other is air, if one is day, the other is night, but still we are together. It goes beyond my understanding , why and how we met . But, what lies ahead is an unseen journey and it will unfold with every year.

So, there are a list of characteristics that I like in my husband, and some of them are getting imbedded in me too.

He is a very patient person (and patience is one thing which I never possessed from childhood. I can't wait for good things to happen, I almost always work on impulse, when it comes to day to day activities)

He is not dominating or forceful ,but he makes it clear what he wants in a subtle way.

He likes to include me in most of the things he does. He sees "us " instead of "me" .I remember, when I am sitting alone and or having food alone, he would call me and ask me to be with him. He doesnt like me to be alone.

He is protective and caring. If I am not around, he looks for me, where I went missing.

He helps me with the household chores. That is like a little kid helping mom with chopping the vegetables, doing the dishes, or removing the furniture while I am cleaning the floor.

He does certain things just for my sake, like coming over to meet me, when I am in town. Even if that requires a 1.5 hrs journey after office,he manages to make it even if it is late 11.30 in the night.

He has a keen sense of practical world. I almost fail to see the practical realities of the world, but he keeps me grounded. I am a dreamer and visionary. I do things with a future pay off model in front of me. This is one reason, why I never ignore what he advises me to do.

Many a times it has happened, that my overconfidence has failed , and his simple thinking has proved out to be right. So , I decided , I will drop my arms, when it comes to some practical decision making session.

If there is anything that I have learnt in my marriage- It would be patience. Sometimes it is boring , because by nature I am an impulsive person, but then I do not have a choice to be impatient. I like to fly in the air, just don't care about the tomorrow, live in the moment, pack my bags and go for a short trip. These adventures are still on my "Wishlist"

Oh, by the way I forgot, that he doesnt like gifting flowers and I love flowers of all sorts.........

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