Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011 finals- management , strategy and Human Factor

2nd April 2011 was an eventful day,when the entire nation ran into high fever.The students took a day off from their studies,the office goers with no saturdays off ,drove to their homes quickly,the others kept their eyes glued to the large projector screens , the ladies,for once ,sacrificed their daily dose of melodramatic soaps ,and the young adults gathered in their fav bars and clubs ,with face painted ,waving the tricolor ,blowing trumpets , to enjoy the World cup finals ,which has managed to create a history again ,after a drought period of 28 years.

It was a day ,when the entire nation united,irrespective of caste,language or occupation .Even the newbies in cricket ,exclaimed in joy with every Indian Shot on field ,and the hearts that almost skipped a beat ,with every catch that was missed by the Sri lankan Fielders .

The match which started with the Sri Lanka team opting to bat first ,but progressed slowly ,with two wickets already down before the first hundredth run .Everything looked in the favour of Indian team when Sri lanka lost 6 wickets with just 187 runs in the kitty ,until the last 10 overs which fetched more than 60 runs and and gave India a formidable target of 275 runs. 
The nerve wrecking excitement started with the Indian Innings and when the most powerful wickets of Sehwag and Sachin fell,the whole nation sank into despair and hopelessness.
The real test of courage,determination and self belief started thereon ,when the target of 275 runs,which looked like a dream impossible ,was chased ball by ball.Slow and steady wins the race ,is an idiom that we learnt in primary school ,but was witnessed in the finals ,when Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli ,batted with poise and patience ,despite of mounting pressure.
With the Indian Captain taking the charge ,the game which initially looked out of our hands ,fell right into the lap ,and there by making the Indian Win almost close to reality ,and the rest is all history .

Although ,World Cup 2011 ,has been one of the most prestigious tournament ,the bigger picture is that ,Determination and self belief always lead to success.From management point of view ,it was a game of well planned strategy like (keeping it low ,when the markets are sluggish equivalent to Gautam and Virat not taking chance from Malinga's balling ) ,it was a game of superior leadership under Dhoni ,it showed that risks are to be taken in every sphere ,if you have the courage to strike big (Dhoni took the risk to take Sreesnath in the team ,and come in fourth batting position ),it was a game of complete teamwork (where each player performed for some personal motive but at the same time played for the country).Every player had a dream which translated into reality .It also shows that never underestimate your competitor (Sangakarra ,never realized that small runs from Gambhir ,could turn the game other way round ).
And what a moment it was when the final sixer ,took India to fame and glory,the World cup that filled the players with tears .That happiness that showed on every Indian's Face ,which made them forget all enmities and  dance and rejoice together.It was a moment of emotional high ,as the Indians took on to the road to celebrate .
What made the world cup 2011 so special ? The fact that it created a series of world records. India became the first team to win the world cup in its home land .India became third team to win world cup for the second time,and the win is almost a generational leap for the all .It also fulfilled Sachin's dream of winning the world cup (2011 is supposedly the last world cup he played for) .

This is India ..Which can do great wonders,given the Challenge .
Here's Salute to all the Indians ,because we can do it as long as we are united and determined . 

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