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Love that was not meant to be # Part 1

When the eyes first met, there was a stillness in the air, time seemed to have come to a standstill. It was love at first sight, things that are heard only in fairy tales or read in the romantic novels.
The spark in the eyes lit up the entire room. Unspoken words said a thousand things. This is the story of Robert and Julie. A story about love, hope, dreams and heartbreaks.

Do you believe in the concept of Soulmates? Have you found your soulmate yet? A person who knows you inside out and you know there is no one else who can take their place. A person who you stumble upon unknowingly every now and then, as if the Universe wants you two to be together.

Read on... as the story unfolds...Robert and Julie, about their love, a love that saw no sorrow , no pain,no obstacles, just dreams, hope and life.
 But something happened, one fine day, when the sky fell down on its knees and the two had to part their ways, even when the hearts were connected by an invisible thread of love and emotions.

Robert and Julie..................Love that was not meant to be ...

**A good write-up,as per me, is something that is comprehensive,connecting,reader- friendly, is able to draw the pictures in the mind of the reader without having to use very flashy words. My intention is to be able to write up stuffs that stirs the emotions and connects the mind.

It was the summer of 2000,the Sun was at its fury's best.The Earth was visibly parched and demanded for a drop of nectar to quench its thirst.Julie, a high school nerd was walking down the street after attending her tutions. "How am I supposed to pass my Mathematics exam, I don't understand where I will land I if do not score well in the year end assessment, no university will take me in ". Julie was in pensive state,a plethora of thoughts crossing her mind.
"Excuse Me, Could you please help me with this address ? " asked a tall lean guy with sparkling brown eyes and a young adult charm.
" Walk straight, first turn left, and the third house that you see,as you enter through the big gate", Julie replied indifferently.

"Mama,I am home" Julie threw her books aside and fell down in the bed, all tired and exhausted.
Mrs Foster was in the living room, talking to a guy. Julie peeped through the door to catch a glimpse of the uninvited guest.

" Come here Julie, meet Robert, he happens to be your brother George's classmate". Julie, who was a shy and withdrawn teenager entered the room, her eyes looking down , as she came and sat in the sofa right in front of Robert .

" I will get some coffee while you both sit and chat. George will be back in sometime from his violin classes." Mrs Foster smiled and left the room.

Eyes first met, Robert and Julie gazed at each other with an innocent smile on their lips. Julie realized, this is the same guy who was asking her for the directions, and she was so lost in her thoughts.This is the same guy who was many a times a part of her conversation with George and now she sees Robert right in front of her.

The shy and reticent Julie started the conversation " So, what brought you here?" " I wanted to congratulate George on getting admission into the University of Virginia for his masters." Robert replied. " I see you and George are very close friends. He often talks about you." , Julie struck a conversation with the supposedly stranger almost instantaneously without any hesitation.

Robert laid his hand on the algebra book that was placed on the table.The page was bookmarked with a pen " So what are you studying ?" he asked Julie while turning the pages of the book.
" I am studying for my pre-university exams . It's way too difficult to manage. I find it so tough.Everyone in my class is scoring more than me.I don't know..." Julie kept on speaking incessantly and suddenly she stopped, as her eyes crossed Robert's glance, which was continuous without a blink in the eyes.That smile was infectious and soothing.
The silence in the room was not intimidating to Julie. Robert was 7 yrs her senior, but still the look into his eyes gave her a sense of familiarity. The mysterious charm attracted her towards him. She wanted to know him more. So was with Robert.He was getting smitten by Julie's childish and sweet demeanour.

The conversation was cut short with the sudden arrival of George, a handsome young man in his early twenties with green eyes behind the glasses.

"Hey Rob, what a pleasant surprize! Where have you been all this while? I tried to reach out to you at your hostel but your roommate said you went out without information." George was excited to see Robert after five long months.

"I had been to my home. There had been some trouble with the lawsuit concerning extortion of the ancestral home and other assets by my foster uncle.Lots of running around from pillar to post has happened. Anyways George, I am so happy that you get to live your dream. Congratulations! " Robert replied with a sudden dip in his tone but spark in his eyes.
Julie could sense something wasn't perfectly alright with Robert, but she mantained her silence.

"Cheer up mate ,everything will be alright." George tried to bring Robert back from his sullen state and started playing Bach Chaconne on his violin.The ambience turned serene.
Julie and Robert lent their ears with an applause, but somewhere deep inside they wanted to speak to each other. The eyes did the talking.
Meanwhile Mrs Foster got coffee for everyone with honey pancakes as a complimentary addition.The evening passed by peacefully. The Sun had set and the birds returned to their nest

"I must take your leave now.Thanks for the coffee and succulent honey soaked pancakes.It was nice meeting you Mrs Foster, and ofcourse you too Julie." Robert stood up and bid a bye to everyone.
Julie kept watching Robert until he disappeared from the view. But she could still feel his presence, smell his perfume in the living room. She picked up her algebra book and started turning the pages, as if imitating Robert's act of going through the pages of the book and re-creating that moment when her heart skipped a beat for the first time.

                                     Chapter 2


Julie is not able to get Robert out of her mind.His brown eyes seem to have mesmerized Julie. She was smitten by his charm and soft voice that exuded warmth and care. "Will he see me again?, will he give me a call? Did he find me too short ? Did he notice that I know nothing about make up and looking presentable ?" a plethora of questions ran through her perplexed mind.

Meanwhile, the desire to know Julie became more intense inside Robert's heart too. He wanted to speak to her, befriend her, and may be more....

"Trrrin ....Trrrrinnn..." "Hello, Can I speak to George? "Robert called up at Mrs Foster's number.

"I am sorry, George is not home, Is that you Robert ?" Julie's voice softened as she heard Robert's voice from the other side of the phone. "Yes Julie, I ...I actually wanted to speak to you. How have you been doing?" Julie was appalled but joyful in the heart. Frightened because she had never spoken to a guy before except her classmates. Joyful because she wanted to speak to Robert. "Robert, I am doing very well, I really liked it when you came here last week".
Robert was beaming with a smile and excitement. " Julie, I don't know why but I missed you, you have a very cute smile and your eyes are full of kindness." Now that was some really unexpected conversation which was an impromptu.
"So how is your summer job treating you ?" ,Julie tried to maintain the flow of the conversation.
"Its going great , and how is your exam preparations coming along?" "Rob, I am working hard day and night to score well ." They spoke for about half an hour about each other's likes and interests.
Something so well connected them. They never met except once but still confided in each other, laughed and shared joy. It was not late when they realized that they have fallen in love with each other.
"Jules, I want to tell you something." Robert was hesitant but confident at the same time.
Julie knew what was waiting for her, but she played innocent child. "Yes Rob, tell me!" .

"Jule, I love you !" Robert spoke in a soft whisper.

"Come again ?" Julie could not believe her ears. " Ha , ha , nothing ." Robert changed the
mood of the conversation. But the message was conveyed.

Months passed and their bond just grew stronger and stronger. Not a single day passed when they would not speak to each other.

But one fine day, Robert told Julie - "I am going home, there is some urgent issue and I need to be there. I will give you a call once I am back to city". Julie bid him a bye with a heavy heart.
She had no clue what the issue was and how long it would take for Rob to come back.

Meanwhile Julie's liking towards Robert came out in open air. George got to know that Julie is going around with Robert. Both of them have been having long distance relationship sustained over the phone.

"Look Julie, Rob is my friend. He is a good person but I want you to focus on your career and not run into guys and especially him. You don't know yet about his background and real person. Even I do not know much about him because he maintains a secrecy about his personal whereabouts. Don't fall
in love with a dangerous guy like him. I am warning you." George tried to explain Julie as a considerate brother.

Julie was tight lipped. First of all she was embarrassed that George got to know all about her love affair and second of all, she was confused. Her brother's words were crossing her mind day and night. What is it that Rob could have kept a secret from her....

It was the snowing winter evening. Rob was back to the city. And as promised, he gave a call to Julie.
" Hello Jule, Rob here." "Sorry Rob, please don't call me up again." Julie had received the call , but out of fear of her brother who was standing right next to her, she ignored Rob, even when she was delighted to hear his voice after good three months.

Rob is a tough resolute. He believed every word that Julie said. He decided not to call again.

Julie kept hoping that he would call back and she would be able to explain to him about her hostile behaviour. But the phone never rang for her.After a month, she tried to contact him through his flatmate's number, but it ended up with disappointment. Rob had shifted to another place and another job and no one was aware about his whereabouts.


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