Monday, October 27, 2014

Travelogue - Nainital Trip

My first trip post wedding - To Nainital, a picturesque landscape surrounding lakes and surrounded by hills and mountains.
This has been a perfect getaway from the maddening city life and hectic office schedule.
What made it even more perfect was exploring the untouched beauty of nature, and stumbling upon a few old concrete structures that stood the test of time despite the many rains, snowfall, and other harsh climatic conditions known to hit the hilly areas of the North India.

Team it up with my husband's adventurous streak ( he and I like to go trekking, walking,sparsely populated places, visiting the ancient temples not heard of, the peaceful, calm surroundings ), friendly localites who gave us company during our uphill walk , I could'nt have asked for more. Although it was a two day trip, but nevertheless, it was worth it.

Here are a few pictures to keep the memories alive. (Click on image to enlarge)

Ancient Temple by the lake side

A mosque few meters away from the temple

Sunrays cutting through the clouds

Tea plantation on way to Mukteshwar

A cute cuddly baby caught my attention

Tea plantation again

Houses built in the middle of the hill
Wild flowers

At Mukteshwar, a walk through the mountains lined with Oak trees and ferns .

An old Chimney house built during the Britishers reign


Mukteshwar Temple

Temple at the highest point of the hill

Terrace Farming

An accidental discovery

Stairways to the downhill stream

An ancient graveyard entrance dating back to 19th century

Britishers Seal


The mosque at night
Nainital at night


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